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Looking for me? Glad you made it! Avid wordsmith with a penchant for legal and medical research here. I’ve been just about everywhere in healthcare that I can think of (including the CDC, so fun!) and I’m looking for a graceful segue into the next chapter of my career. It’s been quite a ride, but I miss the energizing neuron-tingling that comes from being immersed in creativity and collaboration. What good is a gift if you’re not using it? You know what they say: one [wo]man’s hunger for more is another’s productivity gold mine… or something like that. Someone once told me to write what I know, and I know healthcare. Intimately, intuitively, and extensively. I promise, my expertise is well worth (and a product of) my atypical approach. So… what do ya say? You look like you could use some fresh Erin there.


The Fast and the Curious



  1. Loved your post about stigma and mental illness.

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